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Cute Cone Collar

Cute Cone Collar

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Say goodbye to the ordinary "Cone of Shame" and say hello to the "Cone of Fashion"! This stylish cone collar will replace the drab, plain one typically provided by veterinarians, ensuring that your furry friend won't feel self-conscious and can hold their head high. Any dog can rock this fashionable accessory while they heal with pride. With a wide range of sizes available, simply refer to our handy dandy size chart below and turn the recovery process into a vogue statement!


Size / in Neck Circumference
Cone Depth
S 8-9 in 4.2 in
M 9.5-10.5 in 5.2 in
L 11-12 in 6 in
XL 12.5-14 in
7 in


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